TSB Banking Group plc IPO is now closed

This IPO is only available to persons located in the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.

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TSB Banking Group Plc Allocation Policy

The offer price has been set at 260 pence per Ordinary Share (the "Offer Price")

All members of the public who have applied for shares in TSB Banking Group Plc, through the Retail Offer, for the minimum of £750 have been allocated 288 shares, equivalent to £748.80.

Those who applied for up to £2,000 of shares should be allocated the full amount, rounded down to the nearest whole share (i.e. applications of £2,000 would receive 769 shares each, corresponding to £1,999.40).

Those that applied for more than £2,000 of shares should receive 769 shares plus 30% of the excess amount, rounded down to the nearest whole share.

Clients who applied in multiple accounts will have their application amounts aggregated and will receive one allocation split across their accounts.

Shares have been allocated to accounts and un-invested cash balances refunded.

Please note the allocation policy was set by TSB Banking Group Plc and not TD Direct Investing.


Important events & dates

Offer period:

  • The TSB Banking Group plc Offer period closed at 5.00pm on 17 June 2014.

Trading Starts:

  • Conditional dealing commenced at 8am on Friday 20 June 2014.
  • Unconditional dealing is due commence from 25 June 2014.

For more information on conditional and unconditional dealing please see our FAQs.

Offer Documentation

You can view the Intention to Float Announcement here.
This was added on 27th May 2014.

TSB Intention to Float Announcement

You can view the Prospectus here.
This was added on 9th June 2014.

TSB Prospectus

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